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Reader's Workshop - May

This month we will focus on check outs to demonstrate mastery of the standards.   Some will come from the series and others will come from literature.  We will continue with the phonics/spelling patterns of sounds.

This week begins the end of the year state Reading test that I give to the students one on one.   At the bottom of their progress reports, I indicated their reading level and fluency rate.   The expectation for first grade students is that they are reading on a Level K with over 70 correct words per minute.   For that to be their reading level it also must include comprehension.   Some students will have a higher readability but a lack of comprehension means that I have to move them back levels to find their true indpendent reading level.   Please keep that in mind.   We still have 4 more weeks to work on this.  

The best way to improve your child's reading is to READ!   I can't say that enough!



 Comprehension Questions to Ask Your Child at Home.doc